“Oceani” is a breathtaking visual experience designed and directed by Rocket Lab. Created as a bespoke film for our Siggraph 2023 talk with Side FX, this poetic film explores the idea of oceanic regeneration through a reduction of human impact.

The narrative begins with a broken anchor, symbolizing not mankind’s ongoing harm, but rather our conscious withdrawal from further impact on the oceans. As the anchor descends to the ocean floor, it’s consumed by a swirling tornado of sand, a metaphorical cleansing that erases evidence of mankind’s negative imprint on the oceans.

Out of the sandy depths, a jellyfish materializes, a graceful symbol of new life and the beginning of a curing process for the ocean’s environment. This transformation illustrates our oceans inherent ability to recover and flourish, emphasizing the ocean’s beauty and vitality, now untainted by human influence.

“Oceani” is not just a film; it’s an artistic plea for awareness and responsibility. Through stunning visuals and metaphorical storytelling, it offers a vision of hope and renewal, encouraging viewers to consider their role in nurturing the delicate balance of our world’s oceans.


Director: Rocket Lab

Sound Design: Zelig Sound