Our team was honored to work directly with the talented individuals behind Showtime’s “Dexter: New Blood” series.  We developed the branding package, and all title sequences for the series, collaborating with Michael C. Hall, Clyde Phillips, Scott Reynolds, and the Dexter team to develop the content for the show. Additionally, worked closely with the Showtime creative team to ensure that every aspect of the branding and design was in line with their vision.

One of the standout features of our branding and design was the main logo, which we created using Houdini FX. Our team utilized a range of CG and practical effects to craft a digital ice logo that perfectly captures the essence of the series. The result was a stunning and impactful logo that set the tone for the rest of the branding and design.

We collaborated with the awesome directing team The Joelsons,  They were responsible for directing the overall flow of each intro sequence and managed all editorial, cinematography, and color correction, ensuring that each sequence was visually stunning and impactful.

Throughout the project, we maintained close communication and collaboration with all parties involved.  The final result was an immersive  branding and design experience into the icy world of Showtime’s “Dexter: New Blood” series.


Client: Showtime + Dexter: New Blood

Director: The Joelsons

Producer: Justin Puda

Technical Director: Ben Watts

Title Design: Bob Salzano