XP Collection

Designed for exploration, adventure, and all types of outdoor action, Dragon’s new Cross Performance XP Collection with Adaptive Technology delivers new levels of all-sport performance & adaptability without sacrificing style. The key to this new collection is Adaptive Technology, engineered by Dragon for instant adaptability through function-focused features like interchangeable temples, performance polar lenses, and floatable frames. Finally you can wear one pair of shades for everything and adapt instantly on land, water, and snow. Styles include the SeafarerX and WatermanX, EnduroX, and MountaineerX. Check out the XP Collection at DragonAlliance.com.

We collaborated with Dragon Alliance on this piece to showcase their new line of outdoor eyewear. We wanted to keep the animations simple and not deviate from the beauty of the cinematography. We opted to use a simple design treatment along with some motion tracking to create a motion graphics package that worked well with the piece.